eCPM for Publishers and Agencies

eCPM stands for Effective Cost Per Thousand impressions.

eCPM technology is used by ad servers to express in terms of money, the relation among the actions carried out by a campaign (e.g. between impressions and clicks) as it allows to compare the performance of different types of campaigns (CPM, CPA, Sponsor) with the same weight.
eCPM formula

One of such ad servers is the e-planning ad server. e-planning, unlike other ad servers analyzes the performance of a campaign + ad in each space, NOT AVERAGE, since a campaign can have performance disparity depending on the space where it is being shown.

e-planning’s eCPM optimization technology ensures obtaining maximum return for every impression served for the publisher.

For agencies, the e-planning ad server allows for objective optimization, quantifying campaign results, whatever these are: Branding, Interaction, Forms, Sales. The system in real time, will assign impressions to the campaign with greater results.

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