e-planning Adserver 5.0 to be released soon!

We are pleased to announce that e-planning Adserver 5.0 will be released soon. A more friendly solution aimed to improve the sales management, innovate the advertising products and optimize the campaigns’ results.

In E-planning Adserver 5.0 you will find 15 reasons to enhance your online business:

1. New look & feel and revamped tool navigation. Interface enrichment and optimization for an easier user experience. Shortcuts & Bookmarks.

2. Dashboard & Alerts for Traffickers. 

3. Inventory Forecast. 

4. Campaign Booking. 

5. Orders & Prices Administration. 

6. Multilevel Inventory Structure.

 7. Default Competitive Groups.

8. On-Schedule Delivery indicators.

9. eCPM Optimization.

10. Behavioral Targeting: Retargeting. Post Impressions. DataBase Marketing.

11. Mobile Targeting Module:Click to Call.

12. Video In-Stream Module: VAST 2.0

13. XML Feed Tags.

14. Reports Reengineering & massive data information.

15. Access to online documentation (Knowledge Base). 


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