# Microsoft launches Surface Tablet with keyboard Touch Cover, kickstand

Today, Microsoft unveiled its Surface Tablet at an event in Los Angeles.  As Microsoft attempted to demonstrate, it follows a long line of Microsoft hardware achievements including the Microsoft Mouse, Microsoft Keyboard and recently the XBOX (we must have missed the Zune, Courier and Kin slides). 

The Surface has some notable features including a full-sized USB port, a kickstand and 9.3mm thickness. It runs on an ARM processor and is housed in a magnesium alloy case.Probably the biggest feature is its 3mm thick Touch Cover.  Added to the iPad 2-ish 9.3mm thickness, you get a “full package” of just 12.3mm total. The ability to touch type on a 3mm thick piece of plastic compared to say, an 8mm thick UltraThin Logitech iPad keyboard case for instance, will be a big determining factor for this thing to take off.

While it wouldn’t be a Microsoft demo without a few crashes, Microsoft VP Steven Sinofsky was eventually able to launch apps like MS Office and Netflix on a backup demo model.  The Surface will come in 32GB and 64GB ARM RT varieties and separately with Intel processors. Seth Weintraub | June 18, 2012 | URL: wp.me/p1xtr9-P1O

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