Cellulike Total Phone Protection
There are many cloud based mobile phone protection systems on the market today – Cellulike TM is quite different from all others. Here is why.
Founded in Gibraltar in 2009, Cellphone Services Ltd (“CSL”) is a small privately owned company with a global reach. It now has representative offices in Poland, Spain, Thailand and the UK.
CSL does not market direct to the public or to service providers. It appoints exclusive regional distributors who alone are responsible for marketing. It now has distributors in 34 different Countries, including Australia, Canada and several countries within South America, Eastern Europe, the Middle East, Africa, the Far East and the Caribbean. CSL will be recruiting more distributors over the coming months. A current distributor location map can be viewed at:
In 2010 CSL introduced its first basic version of a backup and restore system on its website and this was gradually developed and improved, culminating in the CellulikeTM platform introduced at the beginning of 2012. This new platform will be the basis for a white labelled phone protection system for at least three Mobile Phone networks by year end. But the platform is available to any Corporation with a subscriber base – not just mobile phone networks. A number of insurance and finance based organisations are now looking at CellulikeTM

Java, not SyncML
Based around Activation Codes
More phones – 1400 + and growing
More languages – 52
Easy to use
Better security
More flexible
An API library and Activation Code Management & Control system

Java, not SyncML : The trouble with sync-ing is that data is compared to a master file, so very often the sync process deletes data unintentionally. Wikipedia calls SyncML ”A fairly intricate and vague protocol specification which has resulted in major interworking problems with different servers against different clients.” A very real complaint relating to synchronization technology is that synchronization just fails to occur when needed. CellulikeTM doesn’t sync data, each backup is made and stored separately on the Amazon Cloud, or any other preferred system. Users can manually, view, review and delete backups and transfer data between all of their devices – whether Android, BlackBerry, iPhone, Symbian or any other approved platform. Each user is given a predefined storage limit – 1 GB, 5 GB or any other desired limit and users can always purchase additional storage space.
Using Java as the programming language means that our App has a very small footprint – from 64kb to 109 kb. That compares with competitors whose footprint is usually around 2MB. Size matters because large apps hog space and can crash the phone or other apps.

Based around Activation Codes : To install the application or add more storage space to their account, users point their phone browsers to and enter an Activation Code purchased from , or given to them by, the mobile network or other provider. These activation codes are pre-programmed to allow a pre-defined storage limit shared by all the users phones – so changing a phone is no problem – just register the new phone using the same Activation Code and then copy the data on to the new phone. The Activation Codes can either be programmed for semi-permanent storage- one initial fee covers all phones for at least 5 years(renewable) – or time limited storage in line with the suppliers billing cycle – monthly, quarterly, annually – whatever is required. Users can not purchase Activation Codes from our website only from Distributors or Corporates who provide the service to their subscribers.

More phones : The current list of over 1,400 phones can be found at and this is regularly updated. Many of our competitors only service a small selection of Smartphones.

More languages: CSL has developed a unique translation tool which it calls “Snippets”. Every phrase in the website is machine translated and when a new distributor comes on board they get an excel spread sheet with every phrase in English with the machine translation for correction. After correction the system automatically replaces the machine translation with the corrected version. Keeping up to date with service changes in 52 languages is very much simplified with this tool.

Easy to use: The app is installed direct from the handset by pointing the phone browser to and entering an Activation Code and some basic information. The process normally takes a couple of minutes. You don’t need to log on to a computer to install or use the app. and no data cables or software is required for a computer. You do get a welcome e-mail on installation and you can log on to any computer anywhere worldwide to access and manage your account. Most functions are accessed direct from the phone, but access to your account enables you to lock or unlock your phone remotely, access and manage data and information about your phone and storage space and copy information from your account to your computer. In particular unlike another well-known system, you do not need to log on to a computer and un-install anti-virus programs !

Better Security: CSL has gone to great lengths to ensure data security. Some( but not all) of the data security features are :-
2048 bit SSL certificates
Random salting of users passwords (the password within the database is unreadable an inaccessible to the hacker)
Forced SSL to prevent users accessing the website in an unsecured manner
SSL connections between servers and devices
Passwords are never sent by normal e-mail
SSH encryption keys for CellulikeTM servers
IP Lockdown on administrative areas
Two factor authentication for Amazon data. All physical files are stored securely inside of Amazon S3 which provides double encryption of the stored files
Key man access to sensitive data via secure VPN
Multiple firewalls
Segregation of data across different providers CellulikeTM doesn’t store VCard data and physical files in the same location

More Flexible: The Activation Codes can be programmed to provide any level of service. Standard is backup and restore of all Vcard information (Contacts, photos and Videos), remote lock/unlock for Symbian and Android, IMEI number capture (important if you ever want to claim on an insurance policy or recover a lost phone) and a ‘Friends & Family’ service that automatically notifies up to 10 pre-selected people if you lose your phone. There is also an auto reminder system that can be programmed to send the user a reminder e-mail if a backup has not been carried out within a pre-programmed interval, or if storage space falls low. These reminders can also present offers from the supplier so they also become a marketing tool. Other services, such as SMS backup/restore, pdf & word doc backup & restore, calendar backup, data wipe for lost phones, geo-location services and other functionality can be added, depending on the terms offered by the service provider.

An API library and Activation Code Management & Control system: The service provider is given a library of API’s and a control panel. A short video overview can be seen here: The CellulikeTM system is very easy to integrate the service providers own systems – and that again is a major advantage. One network provider has complained to a distributor that it has not managed integration of a competing system after 18 months and has asked for our help. The control panel that comes with the API library gives all the information about users and usage as any provider might possibly require.

We would like you to review the CellulikeTM platform and would be happy to provide you with free Activation Codes for evaluation purposes. Please contact :
Ayiranor Wogar. Extensive Media Solutions. 3, Debe Crescent, (behind Federal High Court) Asaba, Delta State.
Email: ; Tel: +2347067418088. Skype: ayiranor

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